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M.S. in Education: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education

What will I pay for the MSEd: DHHE Program?

The cost of your degree depends on many factors, including:

  • Where you live
  • Where you will take classes online or on campus
  • Scholarships or student employment you receive
  • Time to complete

In addition, WOU many change tuition and fees between today and when you finish your program, changing the overall cost estimate.

Try the net price calculator in the Financial Aid pages and use the information below to sketch out your Master of Science in Education: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education (DHHE) program budget.


The Master of Science in Education: DHHE program requires 68 total credits.

Starting fall term 2018, tuition for online courses will be $493 per graduate credit. Tuition and fee rates are determined by the Western Oregon University Rules for extended programs and are subject to change.

For on-campus courses, tuition and fees are combined in a per-credit resident rate, $657 starting fall 2018. In addition to those fees, students taking 6 hours or more are assessed a $139.00 health service fee.

You can take all/most of your courses online, which lends itself to fewer fees. Students who are taking only online courses will not be charged campus fees but may be charged fees related to that course (such as for materials or supplies).

Find more information about costs on the Financial Aid Department’s pages.


A $300 one-time matriculation fee is assessed on all new graduate students.

Financial Aid:

Please visit the Financial Aid pages to learn more about the programs available for graduate students. You can also check the Financial Aid Checklist for Graduate Students.

Graduate Student Assistantships:

Graduate Student Assistant Positions are a form of student employment, earning a compensation package including both salary and tuition remission for the performance of research or teaching services to the University as part of a student’s academic and professional training and development. More information is available on our Graduate Assistant page.

Apply for Fall 2019 positions (deadline April 1, 2019)

Graduate Student Lottery Scholarship:

Apply today for an opportunity to receive a minimum of $1000 and a maximum of $2500 per term for the academic year. Recipients of the scholarship must be enrolled in at least 9 credits during each term of support and maintain a 3.25 GPA. This scholarship can only be used by students taking graduate coursework from Western Oregon University.  Scholarships will be awarded by Graduate Programs in a competitive process.  Failure to maintain minimum standards of progress stated above will lead to forfeiture of the scholarship. This scholarship is non-renewable.


You can rely on the people behind the M.S. in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education to help you grow into a mentor or teacher and take on leadership in the field of Deaf Education. Ask us questions—about the process, about the field, or about your career. We look forward to your contributions to this field.

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If you haven’t found the information you need or are still not sure where to direct your question, contact Kathy Heide, heidek@wou.edu or 503-838-8324.