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Digital Content

This badge documents expertise in creating content in diverse media such as audio, video, print, and image formats. Badge holders also have experience and training in creating media that is deliverable across diverse devices, and are able to craft digital content specific to anticipated audiences and their needs.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Individuals holding this badge are able to:

  • Select appropriate media for specific educational tasks;
  • Evaluate software in terms of its educational potential;
  • Edit video and audio;
  • Create podcasts, wikis, blogs, social media;
  • Embed a variety of media into websites and online tutorials;
  • Create interactive educational media;
  • Create content that keeps the user/reader/learner at the center;
  • Edit written text;
  • Design written documents;
  • Use unique and emerging web-based technologies to create and disseminate digital content.


Individuals earning this badge have completed one 3-credit web tools class, one 3-credit website design class, and three 1-credit skills courses from the following lists:

Badge holders have completed one of these classes:

  • CSE 627: Web 2.0 for Teaching and Learning
  • CSE 628: Geospatial Technologies
  • CSE 660: Video Production 1

and, badge holders have completed one of these classes:

  • CSE 629: Web-based Website Design
  • CSE 625: Creating an Internet Website

and, badge holders have completed three of these classes:

  • CSE 606: Video Games and Learning
  • CSE 684: Creating Web-based Tutorials
  • CSE 685: Assessment Tools
  • CSE 687: Mobile Tech in Education
  • CSE 689: Creating Electronic Portfolios
  • CSE 690: Digital Photography and Photo Editing
  • CSE 691: Digital Storytelling
  • CSE 692: Learning Objects
  • CSE 694: Blogs in Education
  • CSE 696: Podcasts and Vodcasts


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"The M.S. in Education at WOU gave me a solid grounding in theory and practice that I could put to use immediately in my classroom, along with scholarly skills I use now as I pursue my doctorate. It also connected me to other education professionals, opening doors for conversation and development around the state. The program allowed me to focus on my own interests but also introduced me to philosophies and tools I hadn't yet explored, in a constructive environment where meaningful discovery and scholarly growth was encouraged. Our classrooms felt like open conversations, not just point-and-click assignment destinations. I continue to value the knowledge and connections I built there."

Jennifer Kepka-Alumni

M.S. in Ed. Information Technology

Danielle Ambrose is the current University Registrar at California State University in Sacramento. "While the MS Ed: Info Tech program is geared towards teachers I found, as an Administrator in Higher Education, it provided me with many useful tools and skills that I can apply to what I do as an administrator. I have used what I have learned in the program to develop online training modules, created websites to assist in the facilitation and management of projects, and design engaging and effective methods of delivering information. I have discovered alternative ways to document and maintain policies and procedures to improve access to information and communication within my department. In addition, the program faculty are wonderful to work with and since I could take most of my classes online it worked perfectly with my busy schedule."

Danielle Ambrose '15

M.S. in Ed. Information Technology

"The MSEd: Info Tech program at WOU was just what I needed to help me shift my career. The program covered a broad range of educational theory, technology, and design principles. I appreciated that while it focused on leveraging technology for educational purposes, it also promoted mindfulness about what we do- not just technology for technology. The asynchronous, online nature of it was convenient, and now that I’m working with online programs, I really value having had the experience of being an online student. The faculty were highly engaged and my fellow students brought a lot of real world experience into the class discussions. I’d recommend this program for anyone interested in the ways technology can be used in education."

Brain Daigle-Alumni

M.S. in Ed. Information Technology

"The MSEd Information Technology program at Western Oregon University continues to open doors for me. Because of the skills and theory I learned in the program, I was offered a job as an instructional designer before graduation. Masters level programs are only as good as their faculty, and I have found WOU faculty to be responsive and approachable. Their encouragement has resulted in multiple conference presentations, a strong portfolio, and solid relationships with my colleagues. If I were a student who was solely focused on the quality of instruction I would receive, my goal would be met. As a student who wants to be competitive in my field, I have found faculty support and instruction that continues to stretch me to become a true professional."

Tamara Mitchell-Alumni

M.S. in Ed. Information Technology