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Criminal Justice program at WOU:

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We have two new Graduate Assistant Positions open fall 2019!


  • Our Criminal Justice masters programs provides students with academic foundation for managerial and other advanced professional roles in the field of criminal justice.

Dr. Misty Weitzel, Program Coordinator

Criminal Justice

Our new Program Coordinator, Dr. Misty Weitzel is an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Western Oregon University specializing in forensic anthropology and bioarchaeology.

She has conducted fieldwork in the U.S., Canada, Siberia, and Cyprus with publications on human decomposition and taphonomy, Bronze Age Siberian bioarchaeology, analysis of burned human remains and pedagogical methods. Her current research involves tracking the level of microbial activity in soils surrounding decomposing pigs over time. The goal is to demonstrate that diversity and population levels of bacteria may provide clues to time since death for a time period that has traditionally been difficult for forensic scientists to ascertain.