Curricular Guidelines

Proposal guidelines and procedures

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Curricular E-forms

Course/program proposals


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Curricular Proposal Templates

  • Templates are for design use only.

  • E-forms are required for proposal submission.

New course

Design template

Modify course

Design template

Designation forms

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New Program

Design template

See Proposal Guidelines and Procedures before proceeding

Modify Program

Design template

Certificate (a new or modified program with additional features)

WOU Transcripted Certificate Programs (approved requirements)

Design template

Temporary Courses

Temporary course requests require Division Chair, Dean and Provost signatures–they do not process through the Curriculum or Graduate Committee

For Dean and Provost review of temporary course requests

1. Please include a syllabus that includes learning outcomes** with your request

2. Please include, in the “Justification” section, an explanation of why the request is for a temporary, rather than permanent course request

Request for Temporary Course Approval