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American Sign Language/English Interpreting

Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science



I am a high school student taking ASL and interested in becoming an interpreter


Great! We recommend you look into the profession a bit futher by


To best prepare for applying to WOU's ASL/English interpreting program

  • Continue pursuing fluency in ASL by taking courses in your school and in your community.
  • Interact regularly with the Deaf community.
  • Get involved in community service in your local communities, Deaf and hearing.
  • Read, read, read - this will increase your fluency in English as well as expand your vocabulary - a great thing for interpreters.
  • Become familiar with pre-requisites and the current application process.


Division of Deaf Studies and Professional Studies
phone: 503-838-8322

Cheryl Davis, Ph.D., Chair
Division of Special Education . 503-838-8053

Kathy Heide, Administrative Program Assistant
Division of Special Education . 503-838-8322