The Information Systems degree bridges the study of business and information systems and is less theoretical than the computer science major. An academic focus is placed on the practical application of technology in support of business operation, management, and decision making. Graduates receive a solid foundation in enterprise computing. Enterprise computing encompasses various types of enterprise software required to support an organization’s operations and goals. We are committed to preparing graduates who become productive employees.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Design and implement information system solutions to meet organizational needs.
  2. Identify opportunities and implement systems using information technology to improve organizational efficiency and productivity.
  3. Manage ongoing information system operations.

To enter the Information Systems program, students should have a minimum of MTH 111 equivalency.

More Information

 Information Systems Major 
CS 123Intro to Information Systems4
CS 160Survey of Computer Science4
CS 13xProgramming Language4
CS 161Computer Science I4
IS 240Information Management I4
IS 270Applied Operating Systems4
IS 278 Networks4
IS 340Information Management II4
IS 345Systems Analysis4
IS 350Enterprise Architecture4
IS 355Strategy, Acquisition, and Management4
IS 440Systems Administration4
IS 470Project Management4
IS 475Project Implementation4
CS/IS 1xx or 2xxApproved Elective
(see IS advisor)
CS/IS 3xx or 4xxApproved Elective
(see IS advisor)
Mathematics Requirements
MTH 231Elements of Discrete Mathematics3
MTH 243Introduction to Probability and Statistics4
Other Degree Requirements
Information Systems Major71
Minor (12 UD min)varies
Liberal Arts Core Curriculum (LACC) 54
BA/BS Requirementsvaries
Total Credit Hours to Graduate180

Information Systems majors must have a grade of C or better in the required Information Systems major courses.

Information systems minor

Sixteen upper division credits in IS. The minor program should be planned with the help of an advisor.

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