Founded in 1980, the Western Oregon Computer Science program blends instruction of theoretical and practical aspects of computing, with an emphasis on the practical. Our graduates demonstrate a solid foundation in core concepts, problem solving and decision-making skills, preparing graduates who will be productive employees as software engineers and lifelong learners. As part of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, students select from a wide-variety of minors. The major and minor combination provide unique employment opportunities for our graduates.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the Computer Science program at Western Oregon University, students should be able to:

1. Demonstrate expertise in software engineering practices.

2. Master software development and project management tools consistent with current industry standards.

3. Exhibit autodidactic qualities through individual studies, group projects and research opportunities.

Tentative Course Offerings by Term

Degree Plans for Prior Years

Computer Science Major – 4 Year, Term by Term Plan


The degree requirements listed below are considered a draft until fully approved through the Western Oregon University curriculum process.

Computer Science Major
CS 160Introduction to Computer Science4
CS 161Computer Science I4
CS 162Computer Science II4
CS 260Data Structures I4
CS 271Computer Organization4
CS 360Programming Languages4
CS 361Algorithms4
CS 363Information Assurance and Security4
CS 364Information Management4
CS 365Operating Systems and Networking4
CS 460Software Engineering I4
CS 461Software Engineering II4
CS 462Software Engineering III4
CS 4xxChoose 12 hours from Computer Science Electives above CS 40012
Mathematics Requirements
MTH 231Elem of Discrete Mathematics I3
MTH 232Elem of Discrete Mathematics II3
MTH 354Applied Discrete Mathematics4
Other Degree Requirements
Computer Science Major74
Liberal Arts Core Curriculum (LACC) (Total Credits)55
BA/BS RequirementsVaries
Total Credit Hours to Graduate180

Computer Science majors must have a grade of C or better in the required Computer Science major courses.

Computer Science Minor

A 27-hour minor program in Computer Science may be planned with the help of an advisor.

Questions?  Contact the Computer Science Division  |  woucs@wou.edu  |  503.838.8480