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Planning Your Degree

Planning your Chemistry Degree:

When planning your Chemistry Degree at WOU it is important to consider several important aspects of the degree program to be successful in your endeavors.

  • As early in your program as possible, meet with a Chemistry Faculty Adviser and make sure that you are taking the right courses and are on track for your degree plan.  Note that a number of upper division Chemistry courses are offered in alternating years. Thus, it is necessary to plan accordingly so that you don’t miss the opportunity to take required courses.  Please see the table below for more details on alternating coursework. Below you will find Academic Projectors that you can download to help you plan your course of study and keep you on track with your degree plan.
  • Start thinking about what you want to do after you graduate from WOU. Most employers and advanced degree programs want to see that you have more experience during college than simply taking academic coursework.  Look for other opportunities to get involved and gain professional and leadership experience, especially during your junior and senior program years.  See the Student Activities section of our website to see what other students in the department have done to help advance their careers. Some ideas of where to start your search are listed below:
    • Scientific Research
    • Internship Programs
    • School Clubs and Activities
    • Outreach and Community Service
    • Volunteer Experiences and Job Shadowing
    • Study Abroad Opportunities

Academic Projectors for Chemistry Majors by entering year and emphasis track:

Academic projector Med Chem and Pharm Odd years

Academic projector Med Chem and Pharm Even years

Alternating Chemistry Course Schedule:




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