Conference Rules and Information

The César E. Chávez Leadership Conference Committee expects you to come to the conference prepared to learn and to enjoy the activities which are planned for you. We ask you to adhere to the guidelines listed below in order to ensure that you will be safe and benefit from the day.

  • All Students remain on the University campus at all times.
  • All Students are required to wear their conference t-shirts & name badges. These items must be visible (not underneath clothing).
  • All Students adhere to all school district rules and procedures regarding appropriate behavior.
  • No drugs, alcohol, or smoking allowed.
  • Students must wear appropriate clothing (ex.: no hats/caps, bandanas, headphones, hanging belts, sagging pants, tank tops, mini-skirts, backpacks, etc.).
  • Please use cell phones appropriately, and do not use during presentations (except for taking pictures, if permission is granted by the presenter)
  • All students must be transported to and from the conference on school district transportation.
  • No private cars are allowed (unless pre-approved arrangements have been made).
  • During the workshop presentations, students are expected to listen respectfully, ask questions, and be fully engaged.
  • During the opening session, schools should sit together if possible.
  • Students must remain in their assigned Student Groups and follow the directions of their WOU Group Leader.

Please Note: Students who fail to adhere to any of these rules will be asked to leave the conference immediately. It will be the responsibility of the school district chaperone to notify your school’s principal and parents and then arrange for removal of the student from the conference.