Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art

This program teaches  theory, philosophy and aesthetic awareness.  Student and professional gallery exhibits contribute to the cultural environment of the campus and region.  The process of critical and creative thinking, skill building and visual literacy are emphasized throughout the program.  For more detailed information see frequently asked questions below.


BFA Application BFA Handbook BFA Checklist



Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art   133 credits

Foundation Courses  28 credits

A 115 Beginning Design: 2-D
A 116 Beginning Design: 3-D
A 130 Beginning Drawing
A 204 Art History: Prehistoric through Late Antiquity (4)
A 205 Art History: Middle Ages through Renaissance (4)
A 206 Art History: Baroque through Contemporary (4)

Contracted Art Courses  12 credits (See advisor)

Minimum of three 200 level studio courses
A 230 Introduction to Life Drawing
A 304, A 305, A 306 History of Modern Art sequence

Choose One:  4 credits

  • A 315 Intermediate Design: 2-D
  • A 316 Intermediate Design: 3D
Upper Division Studio Sequences  36 credits

300 and 400 level in Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, or Visual Communication Design disciplines.

Twelve additional credits of upper division studio coursework 12 credits
  • Concentration areas: ceramics, printmaking, painting, sculpture or visual communication design
Practicum: Choose One   3 credits
  • A 412 Practicum   (service learning) and International Studies may be combined to meet the 3 credit requirement.
  • A 413 International Studio Art Study  (This requirement may be met with studio art courses from another accredited university only if offered outside of the United States.
B.F.A. Thesis Project in Primary Concentration  18 credits
  • A 445  B.F.A. Thesis Project: Visual Communication Design  (pre-req: A 429 and acceptance into B.F.A. program)
  • A 455  B.F.A. Thesis Project: Ceramics  (pre-req: A 316, A 419 and acceptance into B.F.A. program)
  • A 475  B.F.A. Thesis Project: Printmaking (pre-req: A 315, A 419, and acceptance into B.F.A. program)
  • A 485  B.F.A. Thesis Project: Painting (pre-req: A 315, A 419, and acceptance into B.F.A. program)
  • A 495  B.F.A. Thesis Project: Sculpture (pre-req: A 316, A 419, and acceptance into B.F.A. program)
Capstone  4 credits

  Art Major

  • A 318 Production: Gallery Exhibition
  • A 418 Gallery Exhibition
  • A 419 Professional Concerns

  Visual Communication Design Major

  • A 429 Portfolio and Professional Preparation

Completion of the Liberal Arts Core curriculum, and the BA/BS requirements for language or math/computer science is part of the BFA in Art. A minor is not required for a BFA in Art.

  • Application Requirements
  • B.F.A Requirements
  • LACC Requirements

To be considered for the BFA in Art Program all students must:

  • Submit an application to the Western Oregon University BFA in Art during the spring term of your senior year. Applications are due the 2nd Friday of April each year.
  • Applications are available in the Art office or through your academic advisor.

For more information contact Rebecca McCannell, Art Department Head

503-838-8442  email:

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degrees are liberal arts degree programs with a major in Art.  No minor is required. Students who take the BFA in Art complete 133 credit hours in art courses in addition to the degree requirements and liberal arts core curriculum (LACC).

Note:. A combined total of twelve (12) credit hours in Mathematics, Computer Science or designated statistics courses is required for this degree. A minimum of one course in Mathematics and one course in Computer Science is required; any remaining required credit hours may be from either discipline or statistics. MTH 105, and CS 101 may not be used to meet any portion of this twelve (12) credit requirement.

A minor is not required for a B.F.A. in Art.

Liberal Arts Core Curriculum (LACC) 54-55 credits

  • Communication  COM 111  – 3 credits
  • Writing WR 135 College Writing II – 4 credits
  • Creative Arts – 9 credits
  • Health & Physical Education – 4 credits
  • Laboratory Science – 12 – 15 credits
  • Literature – 8 credits
  • Philosophy or Religion – 3 credits
  • Social Science 11 – 12 credits
  • Mathematics/Computer Science – 11 credits·
  • MATH 111 College Algebra – (or higher)·
  • Computer Science – CS 121 Computer Applications  (or higher)


Frequently asked questions regarding the BFA degree program

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

The BFA degree is the primary professional degree in art. The BFA degree in art offered at Western Oregon University presents concentrations in ceramics, graphic design, painting, print-making and sculpture. While students in both degree programs combine the knowledge and attitudes drawn from the breadth of their liberal arts experience at WOU with their studio practice, the primary emphasis of the degree is to develop skills, concepts and sensitivities for the professional artist. Successful candidates for this degree must be practitioners who exhibit technical competence and broad knowledge of art and Art History, sensitivity to artistic style, and insight into the role of art and design in a global culture. Evidence of these characteristics and potential for their continuing development is essential for the awarding of the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.


Candidates for this degree must possess exceptional talent, artistic sensitivities, and above all, a strong sense of commitment. Studio experiences are of prime importance in the preparation of the student for a professional career in art or design. Students are expected to achieve a high level of technical skill in the medium and its expressive possibilities. Studio work will begin in the first year of study as an art major and extend progressively until the completion of the BFA thesis exhibition.


Professional Applications:

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is designed to train graduates to be professional artists. Graduates may opt for careers in such areas as graphic design, studio work, museum operation and conservationship, government agencies, advertising agencies, marketing firms and the in-house art departments of large corporations. Our graduates will be ready to create their own studios or work within institutional and corporate systems.


Graduate Study:

The Master of Fine Arts degree is the one most often pursued by the recipient of the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. The MFA is the terminal or highest degree offered to the studio artist. Graduates of WOU will be prepared to apply for admissions in programs that offer the MFA degree. We expect our students who have attended an MFA program and completed their final degrees to realize opportunities working as university professors, art teachers and/or professional artists.


What if I am a freshman and haven’t decided whether to apply for the BFA?

In the first four years, courses for the BA/BS in Art and the BFA are identical. This permits you to complete your BA/BS and decide upon the BFA later in your scholastic career. Students intending to apply for the BFA should begin in the freshman year by taking the prescribed studio courses for an Art major every term and complete all of the BA/BS courses for art. You might also consider a study abroad opportunity or service learning experience that would conform to the requirements of the BFA. This would fulfill that portion of the requirements should you choose to apply for the program at a later time.


I am a freshman. Can I complete the BFA in four years?

Freshmen can complete the BA/BS in Art in four years by carefully following the term-by-term plan worked out for you by your advisor. The BFA degree is a fifth year program and will require an additional year to complete.


Can I apply for admission into the BFA program as a freshman?

This is not necessary since the degree is not available until you have completed the coursework for a BA/BS in Art.


When should I apply?

You should apply for the BFA Program in the spring term of your senior academic year. Applications for acceptance into the B.F.A. degree program in Art are due the second Friday of April each year.  Applications are available in the Art Department office during winter term.

I have senior status but will not complete until Winter term of next year. Can I apply now and begin the program at any time?

Students applying for the BFA program must be within one term of completing the BA/BS requirements to be accepted. Due to the intensive nature of the program, students must begin in the Fall term of the academic year.


If my application is turned down, can I reapply in the future?

You can reapply for the BFA program up to three (3) times. The Art Department suggests that you speak with the professors in your concentration areas to determine the best ways to prepare for additional applications.


Where is the BFA Application Form?

The forms are available in the Art office or through your academic advisor.


Campbell Hall

345 Monmouth Ave

Monmouth, OR 97361

Completed forms should be returned to the Art office at the above address.


Who can I contact for more information?


Jodie Garrison, Professor of Art




Art Department Office Coordinator - Laura Killip

503-838-8340 | or e-mail:  | Location: Campbell Hall 105