What is the Wolf Connection System?

The Wolf Connection System (WCS) is an all inclusive web-based student success system. In addition to providing faculty and staff with the ability to refer struggling students to the university student success specialist, WCS is where students can schedule and manage their advising and tutoring appointments in the Student Success and Advising office. Students can also see their schedule, manage their calendar, view their notes from previous advising appointments, and email their professors in one-click to communicate an absence or illness.

What Happens After a Referral?

Referrals are securely sent to Western’s Student Success Specialists for review. Additionally, an email is automatically sent to the student informing them that a faculty member is concerned about their academic progress.

The student success specialist will attempt to contact the student via telephone and provide the student with an opportunity to meet and discuss the difficulties they are facing.

If the student success specialist is unable to contact the student via telephone, an email is sent to the student’s WOU email account offering further assistance.

Meeting with Students:

Determining why a student is struggling is the first and foremost part of the intervention process. This will allow the student success specialist to determine what other resources may be of value to the student’s situation. Additionally, the student success specialist may notify the student’s advisor(s) or coach(s) to help streamline the communication process and further establish a solid support system for the student.


If the student is struggling because they are underprepared, information regarding study skills, test taking strategies, time-management, academic resources, information provided by the referred professor, and other academically related information is provided to the student.

Student Absence Notification Request:

In certain circumstances, the student success team can advocate for a student who has, or is going to, miss an exam or more than one class due to extenuating circumstances.  For more information, please see the Student Absence Notification Form here.  Keep in mind the completion of the Student Absence Notification Form does not guarantee an approval of advocacy.  The request is subject to review.

Personal and Medical:

If a student is struggling because of personal reasons, the student success specialist may assist the student in contacting other campus resources, such as the Academic Affairs Office, Student Health and Counseling Center, and the Office of Student Affairs.

Navigating a petition process during a difficult time in a student’s life can be frustrating and, in some circumstances, embarrassing to the student. In these situations the student success specialist can serve as a liaison between the professor, student, and university – creating a holistic approach to student services, rather than the silo approach most often used at other institutions due to services being housed in different areas on campus. A wraparound approach has the potential to mitigate the chances of the student having a negative or disconcerting experience with a particular process.

Partial medical and extenuating circumstance petitions are reviewed and approved by the assistant director of student success.  If a student believes their situation warrants a partial withdrawal from the term after the regularly scheduled drop date, they can contact the Academic Advising and Learning Center and schedule an appointment to meet with the assistant director of student success.




Student Success and Advising

(503) 838-8428 | or e-mail: advising@wou.edu or studentsuccess@wou.edu | Location: Advising Center