What we do

Our goal is to help Western students acquire and maintain skills necessary to become confident, successful college students.

Our services are available to all WOU students

Can’t find what you need?

Services include:

  •  Academic tutoring with peer students
  •  Study areas & study group assistance
  •  Study skills evaluations and resources
  •  Computer lab



Tutoring assistance focuses on the LACC and the B.A./B.S. degree requirements. Our Peer Tutors have been recommended by faculty. The tutor’s goal is to help you improve your knowledge, and develop better study habits. You must be currently enrolled in the requested class at WOU for tutoring.

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Location & hours:

  • Location: Academic Programs & Support Center, Room 401
  • Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00; Tutoring appointments after 5:00 meet in Ackerman Hall




Student Success and Advising

(503) 838-8428 | or e-mail: advising@wou.edu or studentsuccess@wou.edu | Location: Advising Center