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Annual Operating Budget


Fiscal Year 2015


FY13 Budget Book

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Highlights from the 2015 fiscal year operating budget include:

  • Fund balance at year end is projected to be 15.1%, within OUS directives
  • WOU began 2014-15 with a decline in enrollment of approx. 3.0%
  • 7.4% increase in budgeted fee remissions over the prior year
  • State appropriations increased $2.9 million which resulted in the continuation of the tuition freeze for resident undergrads and to cover new expenses passed to WOU from the OUS Chancelor's Office
  • Total FY15 operating revenue expected to be $3.1 million higher than FY14


Fiscal Year 2014


FY13 Budget Book

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Highlights from the 2014 fiscal year operating budget include:

  • $55.7 million in Education & General Funds (E&G)
  • WOU began 2013-14 with a decline in student FTE totalling 1.7%
  • Continued growth in extended and online programs
  • State appropriations contributed to 26.6% of total budgeted E&G revenue (compared to 25.6% in FY13)
  • Academic year tuition revenue expected to increase .4% driven by small tutition rate increases and increased non-resident and continuing education enrollment
  • Fee remissions budgeted has increased approximately 5.7% to meet growing student need
  • Total budgeted E&G expenditures decreased .5% over FY13


Prior Year Operating Budgets


Fiscal Year 2013
FY13 Budget Book

Fiscal Year 2012
FY12 Budget Book

Fiscal Year 2011
FY11 Budget Book


Fiscal Year 2010
FY10 Budget Book

Fiscal Year 2009
FY09 Budget Book

Fiscal Year 2008
FY08 Budget Book


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