English 254       Class #16   Wednesday, May 21st

Carver, "Cathedral"


1. What is the core conflict in this story?



2. What does the narrator's tone/voice reveal about his character?



3. How is Robert characterized?



4. Why is the narrator's wife attracted to Robert? In what ways do Robert and the narrator's wife differ from the narrator?           




5. What is the narrator's attitude toward his wife? What kind of marriage do they have?



6. Why do you suppose Robert encourages the narrator to draw a cathedral?



7. When the narrator and Robert draw the cathedral together, the narrator says, "It was like nothing else in my life up to now." What does he mean? What has he experienced or felt that is new?



8. What exactly does Robert teach the narrator?



9. What is the meaning of the story's final scene?



10. How has the narrator changed from this experience?



11. What is the real subject of this story? What’s the point about that subject?