VOCABULARY (vocabulary list)

1. Purchase 225 3" by 5" index cards and one single binder ring (or a card box or pouch of your choosing). For ring sets; punch holes in one upper corner of the index cards and put the ring through the cards.

For each vocabulary term or formula, use a new card and do the following:


On one side; write the vocabulary term or formula. Example:

      Vocab Card
   On the other side;
    a. Write the section number in the upper corner opposite the punched hole.
    b. Write out the definition of the term or give the formula. If you are giving a formula, define your variables (e.g., don't write just A = b x h, write Area = Base x Height or A = b x h, and define A = area, b = base and h = height).
    c. For each vocabulary term, draw a simple and labeled sketch of the item you are defining unless the term is listed on the vocab list as "no picture. Recommendation: Don't waste time on fancy graphics.
      Vocab Card
Sample Vocabulary Quiz