Top (100)1/2 Signs You Are In The WOU Math Club


1. You use the acronyms s.t., w.l.o.g., iff, Q.E.D., w.r.t in common conversation.

2. You learned the Greek alphabet in class and not at Frat parties.

3. Your significant other has been to the math major lounge to “hang out.”
4. You have solved a Rubik’s cube using Group Theory.
5. You translate “Lies! Lies! Lies!” as “Incorrect, please try that problem again.”

6. You have flashed the “Right Hand Rule” as a gang sign.

7. You cannot add, subtract, multiply, or divide, but you can prove they exist.

8. On March 14th you wish somebody “Happy Pi Day” when the clock hits 1:59:26.

9. You have read (and laughed at) the comics pasted on the professors’ doors.

10. You get suspicious when only 2 problems are assigned.

b. And one of them is an odd number.