Linguistic Landscape: Bibliography of English Publications

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I will soon be enabling a series of tags so that individual references can be described in a way that makes the bibliography more useful now that it has more than 250 references. In order to protect the integrity of the bibliographic information while allowing access to everyone on the web, general users are not allowed to edit the entries.

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Interactive Map of Locations of published studies of the LL



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While a search for "landscape" will get many hits, and "Japan" or "Shohamy" will recieve several, "Landry" will only retrieve one.



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     The bibliography contains books and articles on Linguistic Landscape as the term is used in Landry and Bourhis (1997) though some works predate this article, some do not use the term linguistic landscape, some are more about language in media than print in public spaces, some are not about specific locations, and several are about the function of advertising language in multilingual settings and the internationalization of English to the potential exclusion of other sub-topics. Nonetheless, it is hoped that this list, updated as of December 2013, is extensive regarding the core theory and empirical work published in English about linguistic landscapes. My apologies in advance for any inadvertently overlooked work and the lack of non-English publications. Thank you to colleagues world-wide who have contributed their scholarship and references to it for this bibliography. Any mistakes in the references are my responsibility.