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Robert Troyer

Assistant Professor of Linguistics


Robert Troyer directory photo
Course schedule: Summer 2015
No courses found for Summer 2015.

Assistant Professor of Linguistics &
Director, Office of International Student Academic Support


Ling 416: TEFL Practicum
Ling 410: Theories of Foreign Language Acquisition
Ling 315: Structure of English
Ling 314: Language Study for Elementary/Middle Teachrs
Ling 210: Introduction to Linguistics
Ling 136: Academic Discourse for International Students

ED 607 & 638: Contextualized ELD Instruction

WR 135: College Writing II
WR 115: College Writing I
WR 115: College Writing I for International Students

Eng 104: Introduction to Literature--Fiction
Eng 105: Introduction to Literature--Drama
Eng 106: Introduction to Literature--Poetry

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If you are curious about the seemingly odd inclusion of "Rock Climbing" in my teaching schedule, it is not a mistake. Aside from being a linguist, I'm a PCIA certified rock climbing instructor.


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