Trevor Moore

Digital Portfolio

Hello, this is my Digital Portfolio, which I have created in order to meet the requirements to complete the Masters of Science in Education: Information Technology program at Western Oregon University. This digital portfolio was designed to provide an accurate portrayal of the skills and knowledge that I have gained while completing the program, as well as an accurate representation of my educational beliefs. This digital portfolio was also designed to display how I will utilize the skills and knowledge that I have gained while in the program in order to enhance my teaching as well as my communication with my students, their parents and my colleagues.

My portfolio is separated into four sections. The first section is a short description of my self, my career goals and some of my educational beliefs. The second section of my portfolio is where I connect several of the pieces of literature that have been referenced and studied throughout my time in the program. I have made these connections in three essays that emphasize my views on educational technology. The third section showcases how I have met the NETS-T Standards through the work that I have done in the program. Each standard is partnered with work that demonstrates my achievement of the standard and an explanation of the work. The Fourth section of my portfolio displays the best work that I have done throughout the program. Each artifact in this section is accompanied by an explanation of the project as well as how I will use it in my teaching.

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