Treasury Operations is a hub that provides several treasury functions on an integrated basis for Oregon's public universities to achieve efficiencies and benefits that are shared by all System institutions.  Treasury Operations also serves as the primary contact for those who have questions about Treasury-related compliance issues such as the IRS, Oregon State Treasury, the Department of Administrative Services and the public.  Services provided include:

Debt Management for all System universities

  • Bond Sales, Refundings and Call Activity
  • Policy and Procedures

Investment and Liquidity Management for all System universities

  • Manage, pool, and distribute investment earnings for System cash balances
  • Monitor cash balances and ensure adequate liquidity is available to meet cash needs throughout the System
  • Manage, account for, and distribute earnings for the pooled endowments
  • Policy and Procedures

Bank Account Administration

  • Reconciles most bank accounts used by the System and its universities
  • Establishes all bank accounts used by the System and its universities to ensure they meet all legal requirements of the State of Oregon and that all public funds are protected at all times
  • Troubleshoot banking issues
  • Provide consultative advice to System universities
  • Policy and Procedures

Treasury Operations staff also provide related services which include:

  • Reviewing financial analyses for capital projects at the request of Capital Planning and Construction
  • Blending asset management with liability management in such a way as to create an "Internal Bank"
  • Providing consultative advice throughout the system on matters related to debt, investments, liquidity, banking, funds transfer and payment operations, foreign currency exchange, or other topics related to fiscal management