Section: Student Financial Aid Number:  85.001
Title: Roles and Responsibilities - Student Financial Aid





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    The policy sets forth high-level Student Financial Aid roles and responsibilities for the Chancellor's Office and the Institutions.


    OUS seeks to ensure that the high-level roles and responsibilities of the Chancellor's Office and the Institutions related to Student Financial Aid are documented, communicated, and clearly understood and applied.

    .120  AUTHORITY


    Approved by the Budget and Finance Committee of the Board on 2/15/02 as part of the Fiscal Accountability Framework Final Report.  The effective date of the policy is 3/1/02.


    All Chancellor's Office and institutional personnel with student financial aid and related responsibilities should be knowledgeable of this policy.





    High level roles High level responsibilities
    Advocate Advocates with legislature for 4-year public institutions.
    Fee Remission Educator/Facilitator Gives fee remission guidance and facilitates revenue sharing process.
    Promoter Promotes public education.
    Statistician Gathers statistics on financial aid awards and disbursements.
    Fact Book Preparer Prepares the System's Fact book.
    Computer Support Provides some computing hardware and database administration for regional institutions.
    Audit Support Works with external audits.


    High level roles High level responsibilities
    Compliance Officer Interprets and maintains compliance with the regulations in the administration of Federal and State aid.
    Budget Development Researches and develops yearly student institutional budgets.
    Policy and Procedure Development Establishes packaging, awarding, budget, and satisfactory academic progress policies and procedures.  Administers policy and procedure manual in compliance with Federal regulations.
    Consumer Educator Prepares consumer information in compliance with Federal regulations.
    Report Preparation Prepares reports for Federal, State, institutional, and independent surveys.
    Audit/Review Assistance Participates in, prepares materials for, and responds to annual audits and/or program reviews.
    Disbursement Coordinator Reports the distribution of Pell Grants and Direct Loans within 30 days of disbursements.
    Reconciliation Reconciles accounts with the Business Office.
    Annual Report Assistance Prepares or assists in preparing the annual report to request funds (FISAP).
    Dept. of Ed. Programs Application Preparation Responsible for keeping the "Application to Participate in Department of Education Programs" current.
    Aid Disbursement Prepares all aid for disbursements by the Business Office.
    Training Provides training for staff to keep them current on regulations related to financial aid.
    NSLDS Administrator Administers interaction with the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS).
    Student Employment Office Administrator Administers the Student Employment Office and the community service Federal requirements including American Reads and America Counts.
    Regulation Administrator Administers student withdrawal regulations (Return of Title IV Funds).
    Loan Consultation Provides exit/entrance loan counseling.
    Application Review Reviews the financial aid applications in detail and notifies the student and/or family what documents are required.  Verifies and documents financial aid applications, if necessary.
    Federal Match Maintenance Maintains knowledge of all federal matches and reject codes and how to document when a student does not pass a match.
    Packaging Federal Financial Aid Packages Federal financial aid in accordance with institutional policies.
    External Resource Coordinator Coordinates outside resources with the financial aid package (Example: veterans' benefits, vocational rehab, private loans, private scholarships).
    Athletics Compliance Coordinates reporting of Title IV program funds to the Athletic Department compliance office to ensure compliance with NCAA/NAIA policies and procedures.
    Professional Judgment Decision Assistance Analyzes files for professional judgment decisions-both independent by professional judgment and special condition request, including cost of attendance.
    Student Withdrawal Maintenance Performs the calculations on student withdrawals and notifies students regarding results.
    Direct Lending* Direct lending institutions package loans, originate loans and draw back the acknowledgements, prepare the master promissory note (MPN), send MPN to the Direct Loan Origination Center and draw back acknowledgement, and reconcile the loan disbursements between the Business Office/Financial Aid Office and Direct Lending.
    Enrollment Management
    Recruiting Participates in university recruiting events.
    Institutional Scholarship Packaging Packages institutional scholarships in accordance with institutional policies.
    Scholarship Coordinator Institutions work with the departments, Development Office, and Foundations to coordinate scholarship delivery to students.
    Research Analyzes financial aid policies and results for consistency with institutional objectives.
    Access Funding
    Resource for Information Provides financial aid information to students, parents, and other personnel in an appointment setting, over the phone, or in writing.
    Communication with External Constituents Provides financial aid presentations on and off campus; keeps publications and web site current.
    Student Need Assessor Completes student need assessments for outside agencies for their awarding or acceptance purposes.
    Computer Support Maintenance Oversees and maintains the financial aid computer support system - hardware and software programs.

    *Direct lending schools have varying responsibilities, as agreed on between the Financial Aid Office and the Business Office at each institution.


    Direct questions about this policy to the following offices:

    Subject Contact
    General questions from institutional personnel Institution Office of Business Affairs
    General questions from institutional central administration and Chancellor's Office personnel Chancellor's Office Institutional Research

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    10/15/03 - Reformatted

    2/15/02 - Approved 

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