Section 13.09: Purchasing -- Personnel Recruiting Firms

The content of this policy is current, although it has not yet been transitioned to the new Fiscal Policy format.  This will be accomplished as time and resources permit.

A. General

Where responsibility for employment of personnel has been delegated to the Department of Higher Education, institutions may use a variety of recruiting and employment methods to locate suitable candidates for positions.

When all standard and available recruiting methods have not produced a suitable applicant for a position, an institution may contract with a private employment agency or personnel recruiting firm to provide candidates.

Approval for such contracts has been delegated to the Department of Higher Education by the Department of Administrative Services (OUS Contracting, Leasing and Licensing Manual). The Department of Administrative Services, however, must be notified when a contract is executed with a personnel recruiting firm or private employment agency. A copy of each contract must be sent to the Department of Administrative Services at the end of the month in which the contract was executed.

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