85.05 Exceptions, Chancellor's Office Business Policies & Procedures


To establish policies and procedures associated with exceptions to Chancellor's Office Business Policies and Procedures.


The following procedures will be used for requesting, granting, and documenting of exceptions.


  1. The Department Head makes a written request for the exception to the Controller. The request should include a description of the goods and/or services, the amount of the disbursement, an explanation of the special circumstances, and any other information that would be useful to the Controller in evaluating the request.
  2. The Controller will evaluate past practice, consider the propriety, public perception, and as needed, consult with the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration. The request will be approved or denied in writing. The resolution is communicated to the Department Head and appropriate Department Approver.
  3. If approval for the exception was granted, copies of the request and the approval are:
    • provided to the Manager of Business Services, and
    • attached as part of the transaction's documentation, to be maintained with the accounts payable archive files for audit purposes.