45.85 Payroll Frequently Asked Questions & Contacts, Chancellor's Office Business Policies & Procedures


To provide answers to commonly asked payroll-related questions.


Throughout these FAQs, references are made to Controller's Division Business Services (to ask questions, send forms, etc.). To prevent repetition of the pertinent contact information throughout these FAQs, it is displayed here.

To make contact with Controller's Division Business Services, you may e-mail, phone, or fax information to:

Jaema Brenneman, Payroll Manager
CD Business Services e-mail: jaema_brenneman@ous.edu
phone: (541) 737-0824
fax (541) 737-0552

Jackie Thorsness, Manager of Business Services
CD Business Services
e-mail: jackie_thorsness@ous.edu
phone: (541) 737-0822
fax (541) 737-0552

Frequently Asked Questions Topics:


Q: Who do I contact if I have questions about my health insurance or other benefits?
A: The Chancellor's Office contracts with the Oregon State University, Employee Benefits Office to administer the PEBB benefit plans. Contact their office at (541) 737-2805 for any questions regarding your benefits.


Q: What are my deadlines for turning in hourly time and exception time?
A: Hourly time and exception time are recorded from the 16th of one month thru the 15thof the following month. Employees complete, certify, and submit required forms to their supervisor on the 16th of each month. Completed and approved forms are returned by the 17th of each month to Controller's Division Business Services for processing in that month's payroll.
Q: What is the deadline for making changes that affect payroll (W-4 change, address change, etc.)?
A: Any changes received by the 15th of the month will be processed in time for payroll. Changes received after the 15th of the month will be made the following month.


Q: How does the direct deposit option work?
A: Your pay is deposited into your account(s) by 8:00 a.m. on payday and your earning statement will be available on Employee Self-Serve. Note that you will still receive a physical check the first month after you elect to have your pay direct deposited. That first month your bank and account information is transmitted to the bank to verify that the account number is valid. If the account numbers are valid, your next month's pay will be direct deposited. If the numbers are not valid the bank will send an error report to Business Services who will follow up with you to get the correct account information.

Q: If I presently do not have my pay direct deposited and wish to -or- if I want to change the account(s) where my pay is deposited, what do I do?
A: Complete an Authorization for Electronic Deposit or Check Delivery form, designating the Electronic Deposit option. Authorization for Electronic Deposit or Check Delivery forms can be printed from the web site as needed. They are also available from and should be returned to Controller's Division Business Services.


Q: If I work for one of the OUS universities in addition to my work at the Chancellor's Office, how will my pay be processed? A: Additional communications will be provided to those employees who are in this situation. Employees who anticipate a dual employment relationship should contact Controller's Division Business Services.


Q: How do I record leave taken when I work a schedule other than 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday?
A: On your leave sheet make a note indicating your work schedule and record the actual number of hours you took off. Examples:
  • Work schedule is 10 hours/day Monday - Thursday -- Record 10 hours of leave taken on Monday.
  • Work schedule is Monday - Thursday (7 am - 5 pm) and Friday (7 am - 11 am) -- Record 9 hours of leave taken on Thursday and 4 hours of leave taken on Friday.
Q: How do I record leave taken for jury duty?
A: On your leave sheet record the leave taken as described below. This leave will be processed as "leave with pay" but should be noted on leave sheets.
  • Classified Employees - Record leave taken in the "LWP" category and note "jury duty" in the Explanation box for those dates.
  • Unclassified Employees - Record leave taken in the "Other" category and note "jury duty" in the Explanation box for those dates.

Q: How do I report leave if I am on FMLA or OFLA?
A: If you are on approved FMLA or OFLA leave, record all applicable leave taken on the leave sheet in the appropriate category (sick leave, vacation leave, leave without pay, etc.). In addition you will need to complete an FMLA/OFLA Attendance Record form to indicate which days qualify as FMLA/OFLA leave. Questions about FMLA or OFLA should be directed to the OSU Benefits Office, (541) 737-2805.


Q: I notice that my address is not correct on my earnings statement. How do I change it to my current address?
A: It is important to keep your address current, as any travel reimbursement checks, payroll checks, and your W-2 will be sent to the permanent address that is on file for you. If you have a change or correction to your permanent address notify Controller's Division Business Services in writing by sending an e-mail or fax.

Q: How do I make changes to my payroll tax withholdings?
A: Complete a new W-4 form, and return it to Controller's Division Business Services. W-4 forms can be printed from the IRS web site, linked from this page.

Q: I am currently paid from one index in my department, but beginning next month a portion of my time will be spent on a grant my department just received. How do we reflect this change in payroll?
A: A change to pay (labor) distribution is accomplished by completing a Pay Distribution Change Form. Pay distribution may be changed for future, current, or past months. Pay may be redistributed up to three previous months, but may not be redistributed back to a closed fiscal year. Procedures for submitting changes are detailed in the Policies and Procedures related to the form.


Q: How do I request a payroll draw and how does it work?
A: To request a payroll draw, complete the form Request for Emergency Payroll Draw - Current Month, get approval from your Division, and fax the form to Controller's Division Business Services. Procedures for submitting changes are detailed in the Policies and Procedures related to the form. An employee may request an advance of up to 60% of gross wages earned at the time of the draw. The amount processed as a draw will be deducted from the pay against which it is drawn. The policy for processing payroll draws is detailed in the policies and procedures related to the form.


Q: What is a Unique Identification Number?
A: A Unique Identification (UID) Number is a number that has been assigned to each current and former Chancellor's Office employee. As new employees are hired, they are assigned the next available number.

Q: Why do you assign a unique identification number to each employee?
A:The UID allows the Chancellor's Office, as your employer, to better protect your privacy in a time when the risk of identity theft continues to be on the increase. Although there are some times when use of your social security number is required by law, the UID permits the Chancellors Office to greatly reduce the use and possible risks of disclosing your social security number.

Q: How will I know when to use my Chancellor's Office ID and when to use my campus assigned ID?
A: Your Chancellor's Office ID will be used to access any payroll or personnel information from the Chancellor's Office Banner instance. Your campus ID will be used to access the services of your home campus, such as the library, recreation center, or ticket concessions.

Q: How will I know what my Identification Number is?
A: Your CO Identification number will be assigned to you when your payroll record is set up.  If you forget your ID number, please contact Jaema Brenneman at (541)-737-0824 or jaema_brenneman@ous.edu.

Q: For what purposes will the Chancellor's Office still use my social security number?
A: The Chancellor's Office will still be required to use an employee's social security number for payroll, tax reporting, personnel administration, and other approved purposes as provided in OAR 580-021-0044.

Q: Will there still be times when I will need to provide my social security number?
A: Yes. You will need to provide your social security number upon hire by the Chancellor's Office or in regards to any tax correspondence (i.e. request for duplicate W-2 or when completing a W-4), and for some benefits and personnel administration purposes, among others.

Q: What other measures have been taken to minimize use of my social security number?
A: For one, OUS has worked with the Public Employees Benefit Board (PEBB) to allow you to decline use of your social security number. For more information see the form posted on the PEBB website at http://pebb.das.state.or.us/DAS/PEBB/forms.shtml.


Q: Who do I contact for payroll questions?
A: All payroll processes for Chancellor's Office employees are performed by Business Services in the Controller's Division. Payroll questions should be routed to Controller's Division Business Services.

Q: Where do I get payroll forms (e.g. W-4, Authorization for Electronic Deposit or Check Delivery, Exception Time Worked, etc.)?
A: These forms can be printed from the web site as needed.

Q: I have misplaced my W-2 from last year. How do I get another copy?

A: Contact Jaema Brenneman at Jaema_Brenneman@ous.edu .

Q: I am a new employee to the Chancellor's Office and as part of my offer of employment am being reimbursed up to $2,000 for moving expenses. How do I get reimbursed for these expenses?
A: The rules associated with reimbursement of moving expenses are included in the Fiscal Policy Manual section on Fringe Benefits -- Moving Expenses, located on-line at:

The FASOM rules detail allowable expenses and identify which are taxable and which are non-taxable. To claim reimbursement, complete the form Moving Expense Reimbursement Request, get appropriate departmental approval, and route it to the departmental staff that process accounts payable. Any taxable expenses will also be processed through payroll.

Q: I am being hired and am a non-resident alien. Are there any special forms I need to complete?
A: Yes, you need to complete an Alien Information Request Form, commonly referred to as our CO-NRA form. As the instructions indicate, this form must be completed (1) before beginning employment, (2) if your visa status changes, and (3) at the beginning of each calendar year.
In addition, if there is a tax treaty with your country of residence, you also need to complete Form 8233 (Exemption From Withholding on Compensation for Independent (and Certain Dependent) Personal Services of a Nonresident Alien Individual). Both forms are available from the IRS web site, linked from this page.

Q: What if I have payroll-related questions that are not addressed here?
A: E-mail your questions to Jaema Brenneman, Payroll Manager, at jaema_brenneman@ous.edu.