45.20 Exception Time Reporting (for Non-Hourly Employees), Chancellor's Office Business Policies & Procedures


To establish policies and procedures associated with exception time reporting (for non-hourly employees). Exception time applies to hours worked above the regular, "forecasted" work schedule for all classified employees and for non-exempt unclassified employees. Exception time includes overtime pay, comp time, exchange time, shift differential pay, call back pay, standby pay, holiday pay and part time additional hours. Eligibility for "exception time" depends on classification and position.


The following procedures will be used for reporting exception time.


  1. "Exception hours" worked are reported on a monthly basis using the form "Exception Time Worked." The Exception Time Worked Form and related Policies and Procedures are available on the web site.
  2. Exception time worked is recorded from the 16th of one month through the 15thof the following month.
  3. Employees obtain verbal approval in advance from their supervisor.
  4. Employees complete, certify, and submit the report to their supervisor on the 16th of each month.
  5. Completed and approved forms are returned by the 17th of each month to:
    • Jaema Brenneman
      Controller's Division Business Services
      OSU Campus
      B236 Kerr Administration Building
      Corvallis, OR 97331
      e-mail: jaema_brenneman@ous.edu
      phone: (541) 737-0824
      fax (541) 737-0552
  6. Signed and approved Exception Time Worked forms received by Business Services by the 17th of the month are processed in payroll that month.

Forms and Related Policies and Procedures: