45.15 Leave Reporting, Chancellor's Office Business Policies & Procedures


To establish policies and procedures associated with leave reporting.


The following procedures will be used for reporting leave taken.


  1. Leave accrual is recorded on a monthly basis automatically during the payroll processing.
  2. Leave usage is recorded on a monthly basis using leave sheets. Leave sheets are used to report leave taken from the first through the end of the month. Note: it is very important to turn in leave sheets on a monthly basis to provide an accurate leave balance (e.g., so that vacation is not "capped" in error and vacation lost).
  3. Leave sheets are distributed to employees at the beginning of each month. They can also be printed from the web site as needed; the form is dependant upon the type of appointment (classified or unclassified):
  4. Employees on FMLA/OFLA will need to complete an additional leave sheet. The form will be distributed to employees by OSU Benefits when the FMLA/OFLA status is invoked. The form can also be printed from the web site as needed:
  5. Completed and approved leave sheets are returned by the 7th of each month to the contact shown at the bottom of the form (it varies depending upon the department).
  6. Current leave balances are printed on earnings statements. As noted on the earnings statement, these balances include the accrual of leave for the current month, and the usage from the previous month (e.g., the leave balances shown on the June 30th earnings statement include June's leave accrual and May's leave usage; employees have not yet turned in their leave usage for June).
  7. Business Services distributes a Leave Balances report to Department Heads or designated contact each month, for their use in approving leave requests and monitoring leave balances.