45.05 Paycheck Delivery, Chancellor's Office Business Policies & Procedures


To establish policies and procedures associated with paycheck delivery.
  • Note: Payday is always the last working day of each month.


Employees are strongly encouraged to receive their monthly payroll via direct deposit.  Monthly earning statements are available to employees through Chancellor's Office Employee Self-Service. 


1.  Employees complete an Electronic Deposit of Payroll Funds and Accounts Payable Reimbursements form.  

  • Net pay may be split between more than one account
  • A blank voided check(s) is required to verify bank routing and account numbers

2.  New electronic deposits are pe-noted the first month to verify bank routing and account numbers.

  • Pay will be issued by physical check the first month and sent via US Mail to the employee’s home address, or hand-delivered if the employee is located in the Corvallis office.
  • Paychecks may NOT be cashed until payday.
  • Paychecks that are returned due to an incorrect address are held in the Controller’s Division by Business Services until claimed.

3.  The month after the pre-note is verified, the employee’s pay will be deposited electronically by 8 a.m. on payday each month.

4.  The employee’s earning statement may be viewed and printed by the employee through Chancellor’s Office Employee Self-Service