44.05  Accessing Employee Self-Service, Chancellor's Office Business Policies & Procedures


To establish policy and procedures associated with accessing Employee Self-Service.

Who Should Know This Policy:

All Chancellor’s Office employees.


The Employee Self-Service Web system is available for Chancellor’s Office employees to use. Employee Self-Service is a secure site where you can access your personal payroll/human resources information including:

  • Pay Stub (with an option to print your Monthly Earning Statement)
  • Leave Balances
  • Current Addresses
  • Benefits & Pay Information

The following procedures will be used for accessing Employee Self-Service (ESS).


Chancellor’s Office employees may use ESS to access their own personal payroll/HR information.  This is a secure site that is password protected and therefore it is important to follow standard security and data confidentiality policies (see 10.01 Electronic Information Systems Security and Data Confidentiality Policy).

ESS is a menu driven system which is fairly self-explanatory.  The Chancellor’s Office Employee Self-Service User Handbook provides information about accessing the system and where to locate particular payroll/HR information.

Links and Resources:


If you have questions or concerns with accessing the Chancellor’s Office ESS, please e-mail the Chancellor’s Office Payroll Manager at jaema_brenneman@ous.edu.