29.05 Vendor Set-up and Payment Information


To establish policies and procedures related to vendor set up for payments.


It is the policy of the Chancellor’s Office to have vendors complete an OUS Substitute W-9 form prior to OUS issuing a purchase order or payment for the vendor.  The OUS Substitute W-9 is used to obtain the W-9 information as well as any minority-owned, women-owned, emerging small business and disadvantaged (MWESB) status. 

Vendor Procedures for Vendor Master Set Up: 

1.  Vendor must complete an Oregon University System (OUS) Substitute W-9 Form.  Although the information on this form may be similar to what is typically provided on an IRS W-9 Form, an IRS W-9 Form may not be submitted for this OUS Substitute W-9 Form.

2.  After OUS has received the vendor's OUS Substitute W-9 Form, the vendor will be added to the vendor master file so that the purchase order or payment can be issued.

Vendor Procedures for ACH - Direct Deposit: 

Background Information: 

An ACH Payment is a form of electronic funds  transfer that provides a secure, fast and efficient method of receiving payment with the funds deposited into the bank account you designate.

Choosing Direct Deposit as your payment method offers many  benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Faster payments
  • Promotes sustainability through reduction of paper usage
  • Eliminates the handling of paper checks
  • Eliminates mail delays (and lost/misdirected checks)
  • Provides greater payment certainty for cash management
  • Provides vendors with an email itemizing the invoices being paid by the funds transfer


  1. If the vendor chooses to set up a direct deposit for payment, the vendor must first fill out the Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit Form.
  2. Send completed form by email, fax, or mail to:
    Scan & Email: co_accts_payable@lists.ous.edu
    Fax: 541-737-0552;
    Mail: OUS Business Services, PO Box 488, Corvallis, OR 97339-0488               
  3. After OUS has received the AA Form, Business Services will set up the vendor direct deposit.
  4. OUS Business Services will notify the vendor via an automated email that is generated when the payment is processed.
  5. The vendor will be notified each time a deposit is made to the vendor's account via an automated email generated as the payment is processed.



If you have questions please feel free to contact Business Services by phone at 541-737-3636 or by e-mail at co_accts_payable@lists.ous.edu.

Last Updated: 9/23/14