28.05 Contractor Travel Reimbursement, Chancellor's Office Business Policies & Procedures


To establish policies and procedures related to contractor travel reimbursements.


It is the policy of the Chancellor's Office to reimburse contractors for expenses incurred while traveling on official OUS business as permitted by the contract entered in between the Chancellor's Office and the contractor.

Note - Contracts vary and some do not allow for travel and expenses to be reimbursed.

Contractor Procedures:

  1. Contractor reviews their contract with the Chancellor's Office/OUS to determine if travel expense reimbursements are permitted. If these expenses are permitted, contractor reviews the Contractor Travel Reimbursement Policy for allowable expenses. The policy and reimbursement rates are detailed on the first worksheet in the Excel form "Contractor Travel Reimbursement Request and Policy" listed below under forms.
  2. Contractor completes the Contractor Travel Reimbursement Request. This form is in an Excel file with four worksheets (tabs):
    • Policy & Rates: What expenses can be claimed
    • Travel Request: Contractor Travel Reimbursement Request form to be completed
    • Mileage Chart
    • Example-Completed Request: Example of a complete reimbursement request
  3. Contractor signs the travel reimbursement request, provides   required receipts, and sends it to the Chancellor's Office supervising representative as designated in the contract.



If you have questions about the Chancellor's Office Contractor Travel Reimbursement Policy, contact Chancellor's Office Business Services at (541) 737-3636.


The Director of Purchasing & Contracting Services or the Director of Business Services may approve exceptions to this policy.

Last Updated: 01/01/2014