25.30 Business Expense Reimbursements, Chancellor's Office Business Policies & Procedures


To establish policies and procedures associated with reimbursement of business expenses.


The following procedures will be used for processing business expense reimbursements.


  1. Employee or department staff completes Business Expense Reimbursement Request form.
  2. Employee signs Business Expense Reimbursement Request, provides necessary receipts to create a business expense reimbursement packet, and routes packet to the Department Head or Department Approver.
  3. The Department Head or Department Approver assigns the index from which the payment should be made.
  4. The Department Head or Department Approver approves the business expense reimbursement for payment with an approval signature/initials and date. The Department Head or Department Approver makes the approval within the following parameters:
    1. Approval means attesting that the payment is (a) within his or her delegated authority to approve; (b) a lawful, legitimate, and necessary expenditure of state/OUS funds; (c) an appropriate charge to the index designated; and (d) within budget.
    2. The approval is made within delegated authority on file with Business Processing Staff. If the payment is over the designated dollar limit for that index, the Department Head performs this approval. For payments less than or equal to the designated dollar limit, the Department Head or Department Approver performs this approval.
    3. The Department Head and Department Approver may not approve his or her own reimbursement; approval must be made by a supervisor. If the supervisor is not available, approval must be made by a superior. Upon the supervisor's return, the business expense reimbursement packet should be provided for "after the fact" review by the supervisor.
  5. Department Approver routes the approved business expense reimbursement packet to Business Processing Staff for input into FIS.
  6. Upon confirming that the business expense reimbursement has all necessary approvals, the Business Processing Staff assigns the appropriate account code, inputs the payment into FIS, and records the FIS invoice number on the business expense reimbursement form.
  7. The Business Processing Staff routes the business expense reimbursement packet to the FIS Approver.
  8. The FIS Approver approves the payment in FIS if, upon examining the business expense reimbursement packet:
    1. All necessary approvals have been made.
    2. The information which has been entered into FIS agrees with information on the business expense reimbursement.
    3. The business expense reimbursement appears reasonable and within the normal range of business activity for the Department.
    4. Prior to final approval in FIS, the FIS Approver brings any unusual items to the attention of the Business Services Manager for resolution. The Business Services Manager:
      • reviews the unusual items,
      • clarifies the facts and circumstances (as needed),
      • researches applicable laws, rules, regulations, policies, past practices, and approved exceptions,
      • consults with Controller's Division staff and Controller (as needed) to determine resolution, and
      • coordinates communication of resolution to Department Head and appropriate Department Approver.
  9. Periodically (at a minimum of quarterly), Business Processing Staff reconciles documentation (business expense reimbursement request and any necessary receipts) with activity in FIS.
  10. Following the reconciliation, Business Processing Staff files the business expense reimbursements in accounts payable archive files.


Banner Input Forms:

FAAINVD Invoice/Credit Memo Cancel Form
FAAINVE Invoice/Credit Memo Form
FOADOCU Document by User
Used to query by originating user ID (inputter) all documents that are completed, approved, incomplete, or cancelled.

This screen is helpful when the inputter wants to make a correction to a completed document prior to it routing for FIS approval. The inputter can use this screen to deny (disapprove) a completed (but not approved) document so that corrections can be made.

FOAUAPP User Approval Form
Remove name displayed to view all documents in all queues

Banner Query Forms:

FAICHKH Check Payment History Form
Shows status of check (e.g., check date and date cashed for final reconciliation).
FAIINVL Invoice/Credit Memo List Form
(Open, Paid, Suspense, or Hold)
FAIVNDH Vendor Detail History Form
More specific information can be obtained by querying on elements in the lower block.
FGIDOCR Document Retrieval Inquiry Form
Query on posted invoices with option of seeing FGQDOCP document postings (accounting detail information)
FOIAPHT Approval History Form
Query by document code to display originating user and approver.
FOIDOCH Document History Form
Query by Invoice number to show status (incomplete, complete, approved)
Shows other documents tied to the payment (e.g., PO, check, and asset tag)

Banner Reports:

FARINVA Invoice Activity Report
Print detail and summary invoice activity for a specified period of time.
CAUTION: Remember to enter 05 option of Vendor ID to avoid getting ALL vendors activity within a given time period.
FWRVHST Single Vendor History Report
Print detail and summary invoice activity for a specified period of time.

Last Updated: 11/17/03