10.10 Banner Non-Standard Updates, Chancellor's Office Business Policies & Procedures


To establish policy and procedures for non-standard updates to the Chancellor's Office production instances of Banner.


Banner is a relational database system that provides two types of standard access for updating the Banner database while protecting the integrity of the information:

  • Banner on-line forms with database controls provide an adequate electronic audit trail, and
  • Production processes developed in accordance with standard system development methodology using programs written in programming languages containing embedded SQL. These processes include appropriate controls that leave an adequate electronic audit trail.

In addition, there are occasions when it is necessary to make non-standard, ad hoc changes to data that fall outside the controls established through standard access. These non-standard changes are typically one-time occurrences made with direct access to the ORACLE database using programming languages such as SQL. However, these changes are dependent on compensating off-line controls to leave an audit trail and protect the information contained in the tables.
The following procedures will be used for making non-standard updates to production instances of Banner.


  1. A written request for a non-standard update is made using the form "Non-Standard Update Request." The request is routed to the Banner Standards Management staff within the Controller's Division. The request will include, at a minimum:
    • date
    • person making the request
    • reason for the request
    • description of the change(s) to be made
    • date non-standard update is needed
  2. Banner Standards Management staff, working with others as needed, prepares a detailed description of the changes to be made (outlining areas affected and impact of changes), proposed methodology for the non-standard update, and secures approval through:
    • Functional Director (or the Controller in his/her absence)
    • Functional Lead (or the Functional Director or Controller in his/her absence)
    • Technical Lead

    Once the above approvals have been obtained and the evaluation has been completed, Banner Standards Management staff finalizes approval.

  3. Once all approvals have been obtained, Banner Standards Management staff sends an e-mail notification of the non-standard update to Controller's Division Cabinet members and functional leads. This e-mail will include, at a minimum:
    • person making the request
    • reason for the request
    • description of the change(s) to be made
    • date the non-standard update is needed
  4. Banner Standards Management staff gives the required access to the technical staff so that the non-standard update can be performed.
  5. Technical staff in Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) performs the non-standard update and includes a new time stamp (e.g., table_activity_date) for the current change. The documentation will include, at a minimum:
    • a "snapshot" of the data before the non-standard update
    • printout of the program used to update the database
    • a "snapshot" of the data after the non-standard update
    • date of change and name of technical staff applying change
  6. ETS technical staff will notify Banner Standards Management staff with a copy of the documentation noted in #5 above when the non-standard update has been completed.
  7. Banner Standards Management staff removes the access given to technical staff in step #4 above.
  8. Banner Standards Management staff will retain the packet of documentation, with various approvals noted above, in archive files.
  9. Any exceptions to this policy will be approved in advance by the Controller.


See 01.10 Definitions


Non-Standard Update Request


2004 - These policies and procedures replace the Chancellor's Office FIS Security and Approvals Policy dated 1/6/96.
Last Updated: 09/09/04