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For more information, also see Oregon State Board of Higher Education, Policies and Procedures.

Summary of Policies by Functional Area (pdf)

This reference is a compilation of laws, rules, regulations, and policies organized by functional area.

Oregon Revised Statutes (ORSs)

Statutes are laws passed by the legislature. The Office of the Legislative Counsel edits, publishes, sells and distributes the Oregon Revised Statutes.

Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs)

State agencies are authorized by the legislature to adopt administrative rules. The Oregon Attorney General's Administrative Law Manual defines "rule" to include "directives, standards, regulations or statements of general applicability that implement, interpret or prescribe law or policy or describe the agency's procedure or practice requirements." Administrative rules are adopted after public hearing. The Administrative Rules Unit, Archives Division, Secretary of State assists agencies with the notification, filing and publication requirements of the administrative rules process.

Internal Management Directives (IMDs) 

Internal Management Directives are management policies approved by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education. 

Board Policies 

These policies are approved by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education.

OUS Fiscal Policy Manual

The OUS Fiscal Policy Manual (under development) was created as a first step towards establishing an on-line System fiscal policy library. This library will incorporate the results of the Fiscal Accountability Framework project, and serve as a resource for management and staff in fiscal positions throughout OUS. The System fiscal policy library will include links to applicable statutes, administrative rules, IMDs, Board policies, and other System fiscal policies. The OUS Fiscal Policy Manual incorporates what was FASOM (see below) as well as other fiscal policies. FASOM sections will be transitioned and updated as time and resources permit. When this update process is complete, FASOM will no longer exist; all applicable fiscal policies will have been transitioned into the OUS Fiscal Policy Manual.

OUS Financial Administration Standard Operating Manual (FASOM)

FASOM will be incorporated into a new OUS Fiscal Policy Manual (see OUS Fiscal Policy Manual, above). These financial policies approved by the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration or delegate are intended to provide guidance on fiscal matters not included in ORSs, IMDs, or Board policies.

Chancellor's Office Business Policies and Procedures

These business policies and procedures are specific to the Chancellor's Office.

Oregon University System, Campus Procedures

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