Form W-2 Information:  If you are an OUS employee with questions about your Form W-2, please contact your university payroll office.              Campus Payroll Contacts

The Payroll Operations section of the Controller's Division is responsible for:

  • Managing OUS-wide payroll system processing for all employees. Routine monthly payments (both forecast and reported hourly) are processed on the Regular Payroll.
  • Developing policy related to compliance with federal tax laws (withholding, fringe, FICA, etc.), state laws, union contracts, personnel issues (FLSA, FMLA, independent contractors), garnishment law, tax treaties, etc.
  • Calculating taxes, deposits and reports. Accuracy and timeliness of tax deposits are critical. IRS Circular E establishes strict payroll tax deposit rules. Severe penalties may be imposed if deposits are deficient or late.
  • Processing vendor payments related to compensation. These include payments for insurance, dependent care, deferred compensation, tax deferred investment, charitable fund organizations, mass transit, union dues and many others.
  • Making FICA determinations and monitoring.
  • Assuring non-resident alien employee legal compliance.
  • Reporting to State Employment Division.
  • Managing the processing of benefits including table maintenance, and coordination with the benefit board.
  • Administering retirement programs including PERS, the Optional Retirement Plan, TIAA-CREF, and 403(b) tax deferred investments.
  • Providing projections and historical analyses related to legislative initiatives, collective bargaining, etc.

Chancellor's Office Payroll Contacts:

For contact information of university payroll offices, please go to Campus Payroll Contacts.