With the passage of Senate Bill 270 during the 2013 legislative session, many of the duties of the OUS Budget Operations department are transitioning to the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC).  Other duties have transitioned to the institutions.  The information contained on the Budget Operations web page should be considered historical reference documents and will not be updated after July 1, 2014.

The Oregon University System's Budget Operations Department was a division of OUS Finance and Administration. The unit was responsible for operating budget planning, policy, development of the biennial budget, the annual operating budget, and tuition and fee policy.  The Budget Department also prepared legislative fiscal impact analyses, conducted research studies and special ad hoc analysis of budgetary trends.  In addition, the department analyzed institutional costs and resource requirements, provided revenue and expenditure forecasting, and performed annual system level analyses for the OUS academic year and summer-session tuition fee books.


Tuition and Fees for OUS

All tuition and fee books and related information for the OUS are on the Tuition & Fees page.

Budget Report Summaries for OUS

The annual Budget Report Summary (BRS) is a reference document containing Board approved budget allocations of state appropriations, expenditure limitation, and other budget related information. The BRS provides detailed information that includes institutional appropriation distributions based on enrollment and targeted funding.  The summary also supplies institutional information on enrollment projections, legislative bill summaries and projections of Statewide Public Service, lottery, self-support and tuition revenue.

Budget Briefs

Biennial Budget Development

OUS Budget Operations prepared the Agency Request Budget per the instructions from DAS Chief Financial Office.