A Quote
It was Einstein who defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

From the Start to Now

The Bible explains the beginning of our existence as a garden with wonderful plants and a peaceful setting for creatures. Since then we gardenhumans have evolved to a point where we use "e" before almost any word to identify it as a part of the electronic age. Consider e-learning or e-mail.

Hence the name of this website, which also connects my continuous love for the outdoors symbolized by the garden and my lifelong involvement with computers. We will wait to see if the name becomes "Garden of Eden - V (vee)", "Garden of Eden - V (five)", "Garden of e-Denvy", or some other metamorphism.

It is not uncommon for philosophers to divide life into the three categories of Body, Mind and Soul, representing loosely the physical, the mental and the spiritual. Within those divisions I will try to parallel, or at least join in with, evolution and let this website grow and morph over time.