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paraphrase of President Eisenhower


Week of ...
September 28

Introductions: students, syllabus, tags
Define websites in education

Quicky 2-3 page website - in-class
Idea for future project
Defining different tags - October 5

October 5

Tags discussion
Basic webpage
Image manipulation
Basic CSS

Basic single webpage
Storybook/layout (hardcopy) - October 12
October 12

CSS: inline, in page, separate document

Setup CSS separate document - October 19
October 19

Image manipulation

Create <map>, PS links
October 26

October 26
Storyboard revisited
Javascript - widgets, WOWSlider
Read JS Code
November 2
November 2

Advanced CSS
Multiple (numerous) webpages

Side bar, menus - November 23
November 9

Authoring programs and Websites
eg Wordpress

"How to" manual for Wordpress - November 23
November 16
Pre-final draft of Final Website - Nov 23
November 23
Video and Sound
Include multimedia - November 30
November 30
Work Day
Complete Project - December 7
December 7
Website Assessments