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CSE625 - Introduction - General

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Getting Started

      HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is not a computer programming language like C+ or Pascal or FORTRAN. It is a process of inserting commands or directions, called tags, and formatted like <html</html>, in a document so that a program, called a browser, can interpret and display the document with all of its features on a computer.

      There are two primary component to a website: the HTML documentbrowsers which is not written in "friendly English" but in what appears to be a secret code; and the interpretation of the code, what you see when you call up a webpage. The code is stored on a server managed typically by a computer company or a university or larger organization so that it is accessible by anyone always. The browser on the individual's computer interprets the code and displays in on the computer screen.


      Since the code is not "friendly English," or any other spoken language for that matter, it is challenging to write. Hence a third component enters the picture and that is an authoring program which allows the user to design the webapge as they want it to look and the program translates that look into the HTML code. There is a broad range of programs that will design webpages. Dreamweaver is gives the user great support but also many freedoms. Some programs, such as edicy, does all the work, offersdelightful functions but has limitationsamong its options.
      There are several ways to place an HTML document on a server. Programs like edicy is very friendly and they do it for you without you hardly knowing it, but it's their server and you can't change much. Traditionally and typically one uses an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program, which is a distinct program which transfers the document from the idividual computer to the server. A convenient option that WOU offers is simply what appears to be a routine folder (p:drive or public_html) in turn also appears on the server.

Online Authoring Options
      To experience the strengths and weaknesses of an online authoring program like edicy, try it. Go to go2web20.net and search for edicy.