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CSE625 - Final Project

What we will create for the end of this class!

This too shall come to pass, but we need to define it more clearly as we become a class of our own.

Certainly, it will include a website with several webpages, maybe up to a dozen pages, with appropriate links, text and images.    --   Links will be appropriate for friendly navigation, a pleasing appearance and with enthusiastic motivation.    --    Images will enhance the topic of the webpage and blend with the culture of today's website.    --    Text will be appropriate for the purpose of the webapge, consistent with webpage design, visually stimulating, and written to convey the intended purpose.

The topic will relate to education, which means it may to a website to teach a topic, present new educational information on a topic, inform the audience of the webmaster's teaching plan or program, provide a service in the realm of education. While these are some ideas for a website, there are numerous of other options that have yet to be explored.

Technically the project will go beyond any existing skills. It will include CSS features and use php is some way. It should include advanced features that have been discovered from other programmers and code offered by other websites.

The overall design will demonstrate the student's fuller understanding of effective and meaningful use of websites on the Internet. A random collection of webpages does not meet this criteria.