CSE610 - Final Exit Opportunity

Exit Questions and Responses
     For an exit opportunity (a new term for "final exam") choose three of the following five scenarios and write a substantive one to two page response on each of those scenarios. These are due before June 12 and are to be submitted as an attachment to an email to saxowsd@wou.edu or as otherwise agreed upon with the instructor.

  1. Scenario One
         Explain how you could use the Microsoft Word program as a tool when teaching upper elementary students a lesson on writing poetry. Explain further how the students would benefit by using Word in this lesson, and, from another perspective, what do the students lose by not using Word with this lesson. What would the student's gain or lose by using the computer instead of another alternative. Explain how you would manage this lesson and what "red flags" would you be watching for.

  2. Scenario Two
         The principal in your school has asked you if your 10th grade science class would prepare a presentation for the parents' open house evening. You have been allocated 15 minutes for a presentation during the "program" in a "smart" auditorium. You have also been designated a display table in the hallway. How would you support the students in choosing the appropriate media for the presentation and for the display? What advice would you offer them regarding good design for a visual display whether hardcopy, PowerPoint, pocast, vodeio or some other format?

  3. Scenario Three
         You've been placed on a committee with other teachers at your school to design a school website. You soon discover that you have more technical experience with website design and creation than the others on the committee. That's scary! You essentially have no money allocated for this work (so what's new?) but the school does have access to a server. How would you guide the committee through:
    • choosing a way to code the webpages,
    • choosing a strategy to navigate among the webpages,
    • identifying the audience and the demographics of the audience, and
    • developing good design practices.
    You and the committee have full control and responsibility of this activity.

  4. Scenario Four
         At a meeting of parents, a discussion about needing more computers in the school comes up. You've been asked to comment. What would you advise them regarding appropriate use of computers in education? Be specific about classrooms, libraries, labs, subject matter, programs, apps and ages.

  5. Scenario Five
         You've been exposed to a host of electronic media and tools that could be used in the class, such as SmartBoard, CPS, podcasting, movie making, interactive websites. Your school district also believes that the future involves the use of more of these electronic tools. Which of these tools would you would you use in your teaching practice? Why would you use these tools and how would they benefit your teaching and more importantly how would they benefit the students' learning?

   The Exit Responses are due as an attachment to an email to saxowsd@wou.edu, or as otherwise agreed upon with the instructor on or before June 12, 2013.