CSE610 - Day 11 - Exploring online Web building

Exploring other Web Authoring Options

     The activity for this day is to explore methods of creating or building websites other than using DreamWeaver, in particular using interactive websites online. While there are many websites provided this service or closely related services, we will focus on the portal go2web20.net.

The Assignment

     With your favorite browser go to go2web20.net.
     In the search box type soemthing like web design.
     In the column on the right select a tag which will refine your search; such as design, create, build, or website.

go 2 web 20

     Drag your mouse over several of the options, read the brief description and select one you wish to explore. You may have to register to enter the website. This is where an extra gmail account can be helpful. With more explration you may find that this is not where you want to be, so go back, select a different site and note in your reflection why you chose to leave that site.

     While exploring the website designer of your choice, try to do some of the following activities:
     • Type text and change its size, color, style, etc.

     • Include a image or two and position as you wish
     • Add a second or third webpage to your website
     • Add links to other websites such as WOU or Google
     • Change layout or background colors
     • If you are using a template, personalize it with your information or images

     FInally write a brief reflection about what you found, what you liked and didn't like, the convenient and inconvenient features. Write your reflection in Word and upload it into Moodle by the end of Tuesday July 27.