CSE610 - Week 4 - PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint Presentations of the Second Article Review
      Week Four will be presenting, reviewing and assessing PowerPoint presentations on the topic of "Second Article Review."

      When designing or assessing including the following criteria; in particular consider which feature was strongest and which need the most improvement:

  • Content - was the content of the presentation meaningful and useful
  • Design - were the slides designed well with regard to visual effectiveness
  • Presentation - did the present present clearly and effectively
  • Technical - did the technology function properly and smoothly
  • Completeness - did the presentation include a opening, closing and relevant information

Setting up the CPS
      FInd the CPS application on the harddrive. Set up to use #5 receiver, and clickers numbered from 11 to 40. Also set it up for verbal questions.

Setting up the Smartboard
      Connect Smartboard and computer/projector cart to electricity. Turn on projector and computer. Align projector and Smartboard to maximize the
entire Smartboard. Click on F8 to to get the image to appear on both the computer screen and on the Smartboard. Orient the projector to the Smartboard.