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Video in the Classroom | Demonstrations


Learning and Teaching through Images
      Discuss picture words, analogies, jargon. Teach content and concept with videos. Also teach research and skills with videos.

Using a Video Camcorders
      Here are a list of hints to help you be a better cameraperson.

  • Hold the camera steady. Use a tripod whenever possible. Or brace yourself and the camera against a stable structure like a building, doorframe, or tree. If you're not using a tripod hold the camera with both hands and anchor your elbows against your rib cage.
  • Typically you will pan (move from side to side) slowly. Even if it seems like you're panning slowly, it will appear faster when reviewing and editing the footage. If you pan quickly you should have a good reason.
  • The same is true for zooming, changing focal lengths; do it slowly. There are three primary shots: a closeup such as a head shot during an interview; a medium shot such as a full subject as the person is walking; and an established shot or a distance shot which shows the loacation or landscape. A fourth shot may be considered the very closeup, for example, just a portion of a face. Do not zoom too quickly. When you zoom into a shot, hold it for a while. Use it sparingly.
  • Tilting is moving the camera up and down. Again moves should be made slowly and sparingly and in one direction, either up or down in a single shot.
  • Next rule: do not zoom and pan or tilt at the same time. Make one adjustment at a time.
  • Be aware of the background: backlighting, excessive action, excessive noise. Look beyond the focus subject to watch for action, listen for sounds and observe bright lights. Bright lights behind the subject causes the camera to adjust to the bright light and the subject becomes dark. Center the camera on the subject so the camera adjusts to the lighting of the subject.
  • For many more useful tips consider the website: http://www.photographytips.com/

Digital Video Assignment


  • In order to save your video when log out of your computer, you must save it to the folder entitled "class_bucy" in the Macintosh HD. This will save your video to the hard drive of the computer in a folder that will not be erased. (For details go to Basics on the Course website.)
  • To relocate your movie when you return for another session, you must work on the same computer that you saved your video on. and the same person must logon.

Saving and Sharing with iMovie
     There are two different processes for saving and sharing movies using iMovie.

     iMovie automatically saves the raw footage from the camera in a folder called iMovie Events which is in the Movies folder which is in the folder given the name of the username with which you logged onto the computer (It has the little house icon). The project that you are developed is saved in a folder called iMovie Projects in the same Movies folder. You will drag these two folders into a new folder which you create in the class_bucy folder which is found in the Macintosh HD folder.

save imovies

     To edit the project, you must reverse this process BEFORE opening iMovie.
share movie
     To save the movie for use in YouTube, or in Powerpoint or other programs, you will share the movie by clicking on Share in the top menu and then selecting Share as Quicktime. Save this in whatever folder you wish, such as the p:drive (public_html) for viewing on the Internet or your memory stick.

     I will continue to add to this page as changes occur in the system and as students request

Assignment - due May 30

Working in groups of 3-4 students, you will select a product from an assortment provided in class. Your job is to create a 30-second commercial to market this project. To get started, you must make some initial decisions:

  1. What is the theme or purpose of your video?
  2. Who is the audience that your video will target?
  3. What is your unique learning goal? What makes this goal special?
  4. Create a Title for your video. (a single sentence or phrase)
  5. How will people feel if they view this video? Write one sentence that tells people how this product will make them feel.
  6. What images might make people feel the way you want the video to make them feel?
  7. What kind of music will make people feel the way you want the video to make them feel?
  8. Use the storyboard templates provided to draw a storyboard of your video. For a 30-second video you should expect to need about 15 frames on your storyboard. Remember to use long shots to establish the setting, as well as medium shots, close-ups, extreme close-ups, and a variety of angles.
  9. After you have planned your video, shoot your footage. You may go outside or to other locations on campus if necessary. Remember to shoot more footage than you actually need: start the camera recording early and keep it recording for a few seconds after your scene has ended.
  10. Return to the classroom and capture your footage in iMovie.
    • Organize your clips on the timeline in the order you will need them; add transitions, soundtrack, captions, etc; use green screen, picture in picture and other advanced tools as applicable.

    You may need people to play more than one role. Each person in your group must take on at least one lead role.

    Your finished commercial must meet the following requirements:

    • Exactly 30 seconds in length, unless you convince me otherwise.
    • Includes between 10 and 20 individual clips
    • Includes a variety of camera shots, including
      1. Long shots (establishing shots)
      2. Medium shots
      3. Close-ups
      4. Extreme close-ups
    • Makes use of different angles in camera shots
    • Includes a title, or an learning goal
    • Includes a soundtrack, which can consist of music, words, sound effects, or all three.
    • Must be saved as a QuickTime movie and saved in public_html (p:drive)

    Important Note:
    Before you log off your computer, remember to save both of your video files to the class_bucy folder.

     When your video is complete, save (actually Share and Export using QuickTime) it in your public_html (p:drive), by May 30.