CSE610 - Schedule

   The following schedule may change before spring term and will therefore only serve as a guide for the timing of activites and assignments. Adhering to this schedule will ensure that learning can occur effectively and without undue stress. This schedule may continue to change as the course proceeds responding to the audience, expectations from schools and advancing technology.

Schedule guildelines
(in class activities)
   Week One (April 3)
      Introductions, explore expectations, explore MS Word

   Week Two (April 10)
      Introduce PowerPoint, discuss first articles (APA format in public_html)

   Week Three (April 17)
      Discuss assigned articles, introduce Excel, submit booklet of articles in public_html

   Week Four (April 24)
      Second article PPT presentations, use CPS

   Week Five (May 1)
      Discuss assigned articles, discuss Excel assignments, explore Photoshop/flickr

   Week Six (May 8)
      Podcasting, iTunes, Garage Band

   Week Seven (May 15)
      Discuss assigned articles, create movie on iMovie

   Week Eight (May 22)
      Introduction of web design

   Week Nine (May 29)
      Discuss third article, social networking, PLE

   Week Ten (June 5)
      Explore Web2.0 web design

   Final Week (June 12)
      Final class, all assignments due, peer review websites