CSE610 - Assignments
This is a work in progress. Don't take errors and illogical statements seriously.

Social Media

     Your first assignment is to communicate with the instructor: Send the instructor an email with the address so that it can be used later in the class.

Journal Articles      Four articles will be reviewed during the course of the class. Topics will be general and articles will be chosen within the general topics.

  • Article One and Two: General topic: Computers in education written as a Word document in APA format submitted in public_html to be bound as a booklet
  • Article Three: General topic: Computers in education with a specific emphasis on the subject of student's choice created as a Powerpoint document and saved on your public_html folder
  • Article Four: General topic: Computers in education as it relates to special needs submitted as informal format submitted as an attachment to an email to the instructor (saxowsd@wou.edu)

Discussions on Readings      One discussion will focus on an article online, an article from the Ohio Education Association: "Media Literacy: Eight Guidlines for Teachers." Comments will include what students find as interesting, controversial, consistent with their ideals, revealing or frustrating, in other words anything that stands out. Discussion will occur in class.

     Some discussions will center around articles assigned by the instructor.


  • Write the first review in APA format - submit in public_html
  • A brief summary or review of websites which illustrate how spreadsheets can be and are being used in effective teaching - submitted in Google Docs
  • Design a PowerPoint reviewing the second journal article - present in class
  • Design a Podcast lesson using GarageBand- submit in public_html
  • Design a website which can be used in education, eg for teaching, management, exchange of ideas

Final Exit Questions
     Respond with new confidence to scenarios regarding the use of computer skills in education - due June 12

In class activities
     Throughout the term several in class activities will offer the students opportunities to explore other resources for effective use of computers in education. They may include CPS, movies, photo manipulation, Web2.0, podcasting, mobile devices and SmartBoard.