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CSE610 - Journal Articles

     In the fast paced world of technology, each term exists amid new ideas and processes. One attempt to keep up to date is to research recent articles written by professionals and published in credible professional journals. In this course, students will choose, read and review at least three articles from professional journals. University libraries have access to numerous journals including the Western Oregon University Hamersley Library.

Article One: General Topic: Computers in Education

     For the first article review, each student will choose two articles from a professional journal within the general topic of "Computers in Education." One article may suggest that one should consider a companion article, especially if the article seems to draw radical conclusions.
     The first review will be written using APA format. A search on the Internet or through a library will identify necessary features of APA for this assignment. While APA standards are extensive for this brief review, only a few are relevant: margins, line spacing, font size and style, reference citations. Because this review is short, a title page and abstract are not necessary.
     Submit this review as a Word document (.doc or .docx extension, but not .wps) in public_html by April 10 (second week of classes).

Article Two: General Topic: Computers in [Mathematics, Language Arts, Theater, Science] Education

     For the second article review, each student will choose an article related to their field of interest, their content area but still within the general topic of "Computers in Education." How are computers being used in the area of study of each student?
     The second article will be presented in class as a Powerpoint presentation using highly developed Powerpoint and design principles.
     Submit this review as a Powerpoint document in public_html by April 24 (fourth week of classes).

Article Three: General Topic: Computers in Education for Students with Special Needs

     This third article will be written informally as a Word document as an attachment to an email. Informal doesn't mean that the title of article should be excluded.
     This article review will be written as one might discuss the article in the classroom or over a cup of coffee. In other words, no specific format, but be professional.
      Submit this review as a Word document attached to an email to the instructor by May 29 (ninth week of classes).