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February 13, 2007

The Bradford Project

Western Oregon University implemented the Bradford networking solution fall of 06. Bradford consist of two servers working together to enforce networking policies. Currently Bradford is managing the network down in the residence halls as well as the campus wireless network. Bradford keeps our network safer by requiring anti-virus on all networked computers, and by helping eliminate rouge computers that are attacked to the network that we do not want to have access.

What does Bradford do for us?
Bradford automates the registration process. Users can simply plug their computers into the network, open a web browser and are given set by step instructions on registering their computer. Bradford is currently looking at 2 things on the users computer, Anti-virus and operating system updates. We require computer to have anti-virus with up to date definitions installed. We also require computers to have the latest operating system updates like Service Pack 2 (SP2) from Microsoft, and OS X 10.4.0 from Apple. We currently allow many anti-viruses to qualify on the network, with Sophos being the preferred AV solution. Sophos is provided by the school, and can be updated even if the computer has been placed in quarantine. Quarantine in Bradford acts as a separate network on campus giving no internet access. Users are given a web page that tells them why they were placed in quarantine and link to solution for them to get out of quarantine without the need for assistance, with some exceptions. Users are also placed in quarantine for network policy violations and for viral problems.

How does Bradford Work?
Bradford works by placing new computers in a registration network on campus where they can open a web page and follow the instruction to register their computer. During Registration you are asked to download a file and run it. On Windows XP this file will install and stay present at all times in your system try so it can talk to the server, where as on an Apple or Linux system it is a run once application. The client will check your computer for all networking policies WOU enforces like updates and anti-virus applications. If you pass you are placed into the main campus network. You will have access to all the campus resources. If you fail the check then you will be placed in the quarantine network where web pages will set you through what is wrong with your computer and help you fix it. Once you fix the problem there is a button on each page for you to rescan your computer. This will ask the Client to rescan your computer to see if you pass all the checks, if you still fail it will update the list of reason why you did not pass so you can address those issues.

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