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Welcome to the new version of my faculty page. General news and announcements will go below; links to course pages are in the navbar at the top. And random photos of mine at left because this boring Bootstrap page needs some color.

Things are under construction here for a while so please forgive any broken links, etc.

Senior Project 2017-18

If you're taking the Senior Project this next year (CS 460, 461 & 462) and you happened to have found this page during the Summer, I've got some info for you on preparing for the course. It's a big and long course so you might want a head start ...

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M & IS Project Class

Are you in the Management & Information Systems Masters degree program and planning to graduate this Winter (March 2018)? I've got some information for you as well. Click below for an introduction to the 2-term course sequence that will guide you through your Professional Project.

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