2012 Conference at WOU!


Who: Any Oregon TRiO Student
What: This conference will provide students with a day of workshops and activities to encourage and motivate them on their path to college and beyond.
Tentative Schedule:  
  8:30 am - Registration
  10:00- 10:40 - Welcome
  10:45- 11:35 - Break Out I
  11:35-12:15 - Lunch
  12:15-1:10 - Break Out II
  1:15-2:00 - Alumni Panel/Closing
  2:00-2:30- WOU Tour
When: April 27th 2012

Western Oregon University, 345 N. Monmouth Ave. Monmouth, OR 97361



Regular Registration: By April 6th cost per person $15


Late Registration: after April 16th cost per person $20

To register, please download and print the document PDF or Word and send it to Linda L. Liu. Note: Please make checks to “OR-TRiO 2012 Student Leadership Conference.”and not NASP.



Keynote: Johnny Lake, "Education opens doors to the future"

Johnny has a bachelor's degree in history from Willamette University as well as masters in educational leadership and administration. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in educational leadership and leads teacher preparation, counselor and administrator classes at three universities. He has served as assistant principal at middle and high schools and is currently an administrator on special assignment with the superintendent in the Eugene 4J School District. Johnny is a former chairman of the State of Oregon Commission on Black Affairs.

Interactive workshops will include topics on:

****Note: This is a list of all workshops: each track (middle, high and college) will have a separate schedule, which may not include some workshops

“Social Careering”
Do you have a Facebook account? What about Twitter? Did you know that you are creating your own brand online? Learn how to show the world the best of who you are! We’ll go over how to learn what others see of you, how to use Facebook and other social media sites to connect to employers and schools, and how to take advantage of “Social Careering.”

"101 things I wish I had known before coming to college"
Hear from actual college students about what they wished someone would have told them about how to be a successful college students. Questions highly encouraged!!!

“Valuing Your Communication Skills”
Learn how your values translate into things you do every day. This interactive workshop will give students the opportunity to work in teams and learn from themselves as well as from each other.

“Cultural Candies of Life”
This activity will engage students in the different reactions people have with each other when they face behaviors and characteristics different from their own. It will introduce different cultures, forms of communication, and enjoyment all around!

"Student Loan Repayments"
Does paying off your student loans seem impossible? Come learn more
about student loan consolidation, loan forgiveness programs, and loan
deferments so you can make the most informed decision.

What’s your next step?  Choosing a career path is an involved task.  There are steps you can take to reduce anxiety and assist in your decision-making process.  Throughout this workshop we will discuss creating a timeline as well as resume building and goal setting.  

“GIRLS! Empowerment!”
This workshop is designed to empower young woman. This workshop will include videos and discussions.

"Budgeting Game"
How much does it cost to live?  What kind of life do you want?  Play this fun, interactive game to get an idea of the value of education.

"Developing Leadership Skills through Community Projects"
Learn about the skills necessary to plan and put on a quality community service project while developing leadership skills.  By taking a leadership role and helping your community, you not only give back but add value to your future scholarship portfolio!

"What are you?"
Have you ever been asked this question? Many people in this world are have multiple ethnic and racial backgrounds, and their identity is constantly a point of curiosity and interest. Why does having more than one race in a person's background make a difference? This session will discuss a few of the challenges and identity searching processes that multiracial men and women experience.



Contact: Questions? Please contact Alicia Monrroy at monrroya@wou.edu or Sheree Solario at solarios@wou.edu

2012 SLC Planning Commitee