Text Box: Audrey Ramirez-Loudenback
Interpreting Portfolio






††††††††† As an Educational Adviser for the Student Enrichment Program (a TRiO Student Support Service), I have had the opportunity to work with many first generation, low-income and students with disabilities.I have truly enjoyed my role as a support person for these students and it has been through this work that I have found the inspiration and motivation to become an American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter.I began learning ASL in 2005, two years after I completed a Bachelorís degree in the arts (theater, dance and music).The Deaf and hard of hearing students at Western Oregon University were my motivation for learning the language and my work with them as an adviser has added great depth to my bicultural and bilingual skills.I have chosen this career change because I see interpreting as the best fit for my values and interests.The values I hold most deeply in my life are: family, education and diversity.As someone who loves to learn about the world and people, I can see myself having an incredibly Audrey Loudenbackrewarding career as an interpreter.

††††††††† The purpose of this portfolio is to provide supportive evidence of the skills and experience I have accumulated through my education and professional experiences.I hope you will see evidence of my commitment to diversity, to the Deaf and hard of hearing communities, to continued professional growth, a strong work ethic, leadership skills as well as my skills in English and American Sign Language.




Audrey Ramirez-Loudenback